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Moss Tribe Sea Moss Gel

Moss Tribe is committed to offering high quality products, assisting you on your holistic journey

Sea Moss is sourced from the Coast of Jamaica and selected with Love and Care.

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Please note we accept custom orders for specific blends if option is available upon request. For inquiries please email us at moss.tribe@yahoo.com

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Moss Tribe


Felt amazing, overall felt alive and had more energy

Tyshan. K

I use the Sea Moss Gel and Coconut Water in the Smoothies and it's literally heaven!

My skin also feels so much softer, the Gel keeps my skin fresh and softer for longer

Kate. K

I love the Moss Tribe Face Mask, it leaves my skin feeling nice, smooth and soft 


The Face Mask felt better than alot of those Drug Store Face Masks.

It has calmed down my skin and cleared up my Acne!


My Mom started using the Gel on her arms and within a week her bruises started to fade and her skin felt healthier.

Since I've started using Moss Tribe Sea Moss Gel in my Smoothies, my Iron has gone from anemic to great. I was able to stop taking 1200mg of Iron Pills. Thank you Moss Tribe for making us Healthy and Strong!

J. Sisco

I had a consultation and after the great advice I ordered. I had halitosis and eczema for years and I can say it has completely gone. Very happy. 

P. Bowman

New supplier I prefer supporting women owned businesses and I'm grateful to have found this one

Thank you for being so welcoming. I love your products especially the sea moss lemon face mask, smells fantastic ❤

Author's name

My cycle became lighter, more regular and my mood swings are not so bad anymore! Your products have done more for me than I could ever imagined. Thank you Moss Tribe. Customer for life here! 🤗

Author's name


Really enjoying Moss Tribe Sea moss gel. There is no taste when adding it to tea or smoothies.
I've been taking it for 18 days and I have alot more energy. My nails are brighter. I use to have a brown line down my nail and now it is so light you can barely see it. A year ago I lost 60lbs so I had some loose skin on my breast. After taking seamoss now its over 90% gone. I've heard that seamoss is vegan collagen but I cannot believe it cleared it up so quickly. My mood is alot better. I'm amazed with how much has changed in just 2 weeks. My digestive tract feels so much better. My first BM after taking this was easy and quick and I was shocked by the volume. I felt so cleared out and lighter. My appetite has decreased drastically. I get fuller with less food. My libido has increased too! Seamoss is a game changer. Start using seamoss. your family and friends about it. This will help your body fully function how its intended to. Thank you Moss Tribe

Sarah. H

My first time making sea moss gel and it went perfectly. Easy and exactly what I was expecting. Mixed with soursop pulp and the taste is fantastic.

Jessica. P

Taste is about what you'd expect. Salty, and sea flavored! BUT! This superfood is amazing it helps you feel like you can do anything. Gives you a huge boost in energy!

Anthony. H

Got the raw seamoss pack. Comes with clear directions, expands quite a bit upon rehydrating. I added fruit to mine. Will buy again, if available

Cheryl. R

Amazing product. The only thing I have this soaking overnight it’s crazy, but it’s OK! I would buy this product again the benefits are wonderful I can’t explain it but I have more energy than I ever had in my lifetime… When I used it for the very first time, my body felt energized/ increased. You can mix it with your favorite fruits/or vegetables whatever you prefer to your taste to your liking…#CustomerForLife

Danielle. P

I am 52 and in the throws of peri menopause. Fatigue is my worst enemy along with a lot of other hell on earth symptoms. I can 100% say that after I take two spoon fulls in the morning on a completely empty stomach I feel energy. I know this because I also have ADHD and until I take my ADHD medication in the morning while still in bed I can’t function. The first day taking this I got up and went to the little fridge I keep in my room and took the sea moss. I got back in bed and literally forgot to take my ADHD medication. I was at a function level . I did remember and I did take my medication because I didn’t know how long the sea moss energy would last . If it wasn’t for the iodine levels in sea moss I would literally keep a jar in my pocket and eat it all day. I started my 19 year old daughter on it too. She is already very healthy and she loved the energy it gives her youthful body. I am only one week into this sea moss journey, but I am very interested to see how much improves in my broke down body. As far as taste goes , it’s not bad , I can taste all the minerals or maybe it’s just ocean, but I honestly don’t mind it. I thought about getting apple sauce to add to my spoon fulls. I wouldn’t add it to my whole jar in fear of the apple sauce going bad. I washed my sea moss then soaked it for a day. Once it grew in size and absorbed most all the water I blended it. I think the price is very good because I’m sure I’ll get several jars made from this one bag. Now I wait and let the healing begin. Thank you Moss Tribe

Joan. D

Use it with my vegetables and fruit smoothies before hitting the gym in the am hrs. Great energy boost

Kenny. G